Copyright Registration

What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration is governed by the Copyright Act 1957. With the registration you become the rightful owner of your distinctive work in the respect pf books, images, music, website, etc. No one Can't copy it. If someone copied his or her work without the permission of owner. Creator can charge others for using his work. 

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    Why Copyright Registration?

    Safeguarding your creative works and intellectual property by Copyright registration. Our copyright registration services provide comprehensive assistance in protecting your original creations, such as literary, artistic, musical, or visual works. We understand the importance of copyright registration and offer professional services to streamline the process for you. The copyright registration cost may vary depending on the scope and complexity of your works. In addition to patent registration, we also specialize in patent and copyright registration, providing a holistic approach to protecting your intellectual property rights. Registering your copyright offers numerous benefits, including legal protection, evidence of ownership, and the ability to enforce your rights against potential infringers. Understanding the specific documents required for copyright registration, we can guide you through the process and ensure that all necessary paperwork is prepared accurately. By obtaining copyright registration, you gain exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, display, and perform your works, granting you control over their commercial exploitation. Don't underestimate the power of copyright protection in preserving the value and integrity of your creative endeavors. Contact us today to discuss your copyright registration needs and leverage the expertise of our professionals to secure your rights and enjoy the benefits of copyright registration.

    Documents Required for Copyright Registration

    1. PAN Card of owner
    2. Aadhaar Card
    3. Corporate/Company PAN
    4. Company TAN
    5. NOC from publisher
    6. NOC from author
    7. Work details
    8. Power of attorney
    9. Photographs ( if required )

    what are the Rights of copyright owner ?

    • Right of reproduction - Anyone can not reproduce it without permission of owner
    • Right of Adaptation - The copyright creator can choose to use their work in any way they like.
    • Right of Communication To The Public - Copyright owners may make their work available to the public by wireless transmission or distribution, in one or more symbols or visual representations.
    • Right of public performance - Owners of musical works and works of art can publicize their works
    • Right of Paternity And Integrity - Attribution, also known as authorship, means that an artist can claim exclusive authorship of their work.

    The right to good faith gives the owner the ability to sue individuals for damages. If someone tries to damage, change or distort the original work, the copyright owner can claim damages.

    • Right of Distribution - The copyright holder may distribute his work in any form by reproduction, sale, rental, lease or loan, and may assign certain rights to a person to protect the work in part, in whole or with certain restrictions.

    Benefits of Copyright Owner

    • Legally protection
    • Owner publicity
    • Restriction to the unauthorized Reproduction
    • Global protection
    • Creation of assets
    • Credibility in Market
    • Public Record
    • Branding & Goodwill
    • Prima Facie Evidence

    Procedure for Copyright Registration

    1. Fill Application form
    2. Examination
    3. Documents submission
    4. Registration
    5. Your work is done
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