NGO DARPAN Registration

What is NGO DARPAN Registration ?

NGO Darpan is an online portal operated by NITI Aayog. This is the portal where all NGOs/VOs should register if they want to apply for grants under various programs of government departments and ministries. Read on to learn more about the benefits, process and fees for NGO Darpan registration.

NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog was established in January 2015 with the aim of achieving, sustaining and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals. Its principles include public participation in government programs.

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    NGO Darpan registration and Niti Aayog registration

    NGO Darpan registration and Niti Aayog registration are essential steps for NGOs operating in India. NGOs are required to fulfill certain documentation requirements to complete the registration process successfully. Our team specializes in guiding NGOs through the registration process and ensuring compliance with the necessary documentation. Ngo Darpan is an online platform provided by the Government of India that enables NGOs to register and access various government schemes and grants. The benefits of NGO registration are significant, including eligibility for government funding, tax exemptions, and enhanced credibility in the eyes of donors and beneficiaries. The NGO registration process involves submitting the required documents and fulfilling specific criteria set by the regulatory authorities. Our team can assist you in navigating the registration process smoothly and efficiently. By registering your NGO, you can make a tangible difference in society and contribute to the betterment of the community. Contact us today to initiate your NGO registration and unlock the numerous benefits it offers.

    Documents Required for NGO DARPAN Registration

    1. Basic Details
    2. PAN Card of NGO
    3. Registration Certificate
    4. Grant Received Details Of Last 5 Years
    5. PAN, Aadhaar, Mobile Number and Email ID of Members of Body
    6. Mobile Number And Email ID of NGO
    7. Description of kind of Activities to be done by NGO
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    Benefits Of DARPAN Registration

    • Details about grants
    • Assist in applying for government grants or programs
    • Helps to improve the NGO's reputation and goodwill
    • Registration also provides fast information from the Ministry/Government across the India.
    • The Portal maintains a database of all NGOs registered with the Portal
    • This portal will help you to apply for funding directly to the ministry you wish to donate/fund
    • No need to renew your Registration

    Procedure for NGO DARPAN Registrstion

    1. Documentation
    2. Fill up form
    3. Submit your form
    4. Wait for the Verification
    5. Your Work is done