What is One Person Company?

India One Person Company is a new concept introduced by the Companies Act, 2013. A One Person Company in India is founded by one person. Before the Companies Act 2013 came into force, individuals could not set up companies. OPC has company characteristics and sole proprietorship advantages. In the past, if someone had to start a business, they had to choose only a sole proprietorship.

In India, under the Companies Act, 2013, one company can be registered with only one member and director. A director and a member may be the same person. Here an individual who is a resident or non-resident Indian can register her OPC in India. Register your One Person Company with us.

One Person Company Registration

When registering an OPC (One Person Company), it is important to gather the necessary documents to ensure a smooth process. The documents required for OPC registration typically include identity and address proofs of the director, proof of registered office address, and NOC from the owner of the premises. You can conveniently complete the OPC registration online, simplifying the entire process. The online OPC registration process is designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals to establish their one-person corporation quickly and efficiently. It’s crucial to have the required documents for one person company registration, as they are essential for verification and compliance purposes. The registration fees for an OPC may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the services you opt for. Understanding the one person company registration procedure is crucial to ensure compliance and legal recognition. Our expert team can guide you through each step of the OPC company registration process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or a professional looking for the benefits of limited liability, OPC company registration is an ideal choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for comprehensive assistance with your OPC company registration requirements.

Steps for OPC Registration

 1. Obtain DSC and DIN

Prospective directors will need access to a digital signature certificate (DSC) from eight qualified DSC makers.

2. Reservation of name

Reservation applications for associated names must be made using Form INC-1.

3. Entrenchment Provisions 

If the Articles of Incorporation contain a provision for rest, the organization shall notify the Registrar of such provision on Form INC-2 during incorporation or, in the case of an existing corporation (by amending the Articles of Incorporation). I have to. ), an equivalent must be filed within 30 days from the date of serving article on form number MGT-14

4. Articles of Association

Model Articles of Incorporation are set out in Tables F, G, H, I and J of Schedule I and are available to companies in full or in other forms.

5. Application for incorporation of OPC 

The application must be submitted on Form INC-2 to the Registrar of Companies (ROC), the administrative body in which the organization’s registered office is established.

6. Signing of Memorandum and Articles of Association 

The company’s MOA and AOA must be signed by the sole shareholder who is also the drafter of the memorandum, must provide name, description, address, and occupation details, and must include at least one person, if any. If there is a witness, he must also prove that he signs and provides his information

7. Affidavit of Subscriber and the director

The affidavit must be completed by the sole member who has signed the memorandum and whose name is on the article on Form #INC-9

8. Particulars of Subscriber 

The sole member must submit a subscription article to the registrar upon incorporation

9. Nomination by the sole member

1. The drafter of the memorandum of association of a single company shall, after obtaining his or her prior written consent, designate a person to become a member of the single company in the event of the drafter’s death or incapacity. not.

2. The nominee’s name is contained in the Memorandum of Understanding of the One Person Company, whose nomination is set forth on Form INC-2, and the nominee’s consent is obtained on Form INC-3.

10. Declaration by professionals

In practice, disclosures by attorneys, accountants, accountants, or company secretaries are made on Form INC-8.

Minimum Requirements for OPC Registration

  1. One Shareholder
  2. One Director
  3. One Nominee
  4. One Person

Documents required for One Person Company registration

  1. Copy of PAN Card of owner
  2. Passport size photograph of the owner
  3. Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card
  4. Copy of Rent agreement (If any)
  5. Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  6. Copy of Property papers (If owned)
  7. Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

Exemptions for an One Person Company

  • Sign on annual returns.
  • Hold Annual General Meetings and Board Meetings
  • Sign the annual treasurer
  • Power of the Arbitral Tribunal to Call General Meetings
  • Option to dispense with the requirement of holding an AGM
  • Meeting invitation
  • Statement accompanying notice. Quorum of sessions.
  • meeting leader
  • Proxy
  • Voting Restrictions on Voting Rights.
  • Calling of the extraordinary general meeting.
  • Voting by show of hands.
  • Voting through electronic means.
  • Demand for poll.
  • Postal ballot.
  • Circulation of members’ resolution.