Producer Company Registration

What is Producer Company Registration?

Producer Company is an organizational unit whose aims or activities are defined by law to Production, collect, harvesting, deliver, sort, combine, serve, market, sell and export the goods of its members or to import goods or services. and In a producer society, you can appoint Farmer Members and accept RD/FD deposits and assign them a repayment date, as well as make loans to your Farmer Members and charge them interest.

Producer Company registration in India refers to the process of registering a company that is formed and owned by primary producers (farmers, fishermen, artisans, or any other individuals involved in primary production) with the objective of improving their financial conditions by promoting mutual assistance, production, procurement, and marketing of their produce.

The concept of Producer Company was introduced under the Companies Act, 2013, to promote and support the farmers and other primary producers in the country. A Producer Company is a hybrid between a cooperative society and a private limited company, where the members are both shareholders and primary producers of the company.

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    If you are considering registering a Farmer Producer Company (FPC), understanding the registration process and associated fees is essential. The process for Producer Company registration involves gathering the necessary documents, including identity proofs, address proofs, and other relevant documents, as required by the registration authorities. The fees for Producer company registration may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific services opted for. Ensuring compliance with the documentation requirements for producer company registration is crucial for a smooth registration process. Our expert team specializes in the registration of producer companies and can guide you through the entire process. We provide online registration services for the Producer company, making the process convenient and accessible. Registering a Producer company offers several advantages, such as collective bargaining power, access to government schemes, and enhanced market opportunities. Considering the cost of farmer producer company registration is an important factor, and our services are designed to be cost-effective and transparent. Reach out to us for professional assistance with Producer company registration, and we will ensure a seamless and efficient experience, helping you establish a successful Producer company.

    Documents Required for Producer company Registration

    1. PAN Card of all directors
    2. Rent agreement (If rental)
    3. No objective certificate
    4. Electricity/ Water bill ( business )
    5. Aadhaar card/ voter ID card
    6. Property papers (if owned)
    7. Photographs
    Document Required (1)7

    Benefits of Producer Company Registration

    1. Easy management
    2. Benefits in Tax
    3. Separate legal entity
    4. Facilities
    5. Benefits in loans and investment
    6. Continuous existence
    7. Good governance
    8. Support and help the members

    Procedure for Producer Company Registration

    • Fill up form
    • Obtain DSC and DPIN
    • Verification
    • Submit your Documents
    • Your work is done