ITR 4 Form Filing

Form ITR 4 is filed by taxpayers who have elected the presumptive tax regime under Sections 44D, 44DA and 44AE of the Income Tax Act of 1961. However, this is subject to the turnover limit. H. Taxpayer is required to file her ITR 3 form if turnover exceeds his Rs.2 crore.

Documents Required for ITR - 4 Return Filing

  • PAN card 
  • Aadhar card 
  • Bank Statement

Eligibility to file Form ITR 4

  • Section 44AD/Section 44AE Business Income.
  • Section 44ADA Income from Occupation.
  • Rs. Salary or pension up to 50 lakh.
  • Income up to Rs.50,000 from detached property property
  • Form ITR 4 if the income does not exceed his Rs.50 lakh
  • freelancers can also submit.

Structure of ITR 4 Form

Part A: General Information

Part B: Gross Income Based on Five Income Categories

Part C: Deductible and Gross Taxable Income

Appendix BP: Business Income Information

Appendix 80G: Section 80G Deductible Contributions Information

Appendix IT: Prepaid Tax Return and Tax Return

Exhibit TCS: Withholding Tax Return

Exhibit TDS1: Withholding Tax Deduction on Salary

TDS2: Withholding Tax Deduction on Income Except Salary

Process to file ITR- 4 Form

ITR- 4 can be file online as well as offline also

Offline :

  • Person at the age of 80 years or more than 80
  • The individual’s income is less than Rs.5 Lac

Online :

  • Create a return digitally with a digital signature.
  • Submit data electronically and submit proof of return on ITR-V form.