Patent Registration

Patent Registration

A patent for an invention can be applied for in India. A patent is a right granted to a person or company by a government that prohibits others from making, using, selling, or importing a patented product or process without the consent or authorization of the patentee. The fundamental step that the inventor takes to protect his innovation from exploitation is to apply for a patent. Filing a patent in India is a time consuming process and you can complete your registration with Taxesquire. If you are looking for Patent Renewal Services, we also provide the patent search and renewal services.

The life of the patent is 20 years. The term is limited in most cases but cannot be extended by Congress law, and in rare cases it can be extended by several years for chemical or pharmaceutical engineering purposes.


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    Required Documents for Patent Registration

    1. Patent application in form-1.
    2. Proof of right to file the application or patent.
    3. Provisional specifications.
    4. Complete specification in form-2 within 12 months.
    5. Affidavit and undertaking in accordance with Section 8 of Form 3 (if applicable).
    6. Power of authority in form-26.
    7. Before granting a patent, the applicant must obtain the approval of the National Agency for Biodiversity (when applying for biological material)
    8. The source of origin (in the case of biological material) must also be specified.
    9. All Documents must be signed by the applicant/attorney/patent officer.
    10. Completed documents with the sign of applicant.

    Understanding Patent

    Online patent registration is a crucial step for protecting your inventions and innovative ideas. Our patent registration services provide comprehensive assistance throughout the process, ensuring that your intellectual property receives the necessary legal protection. In addition to trademark registration, we also specialize in brand patent registration, helping you secure exclusive rights over your unique inventions. The patent registration cost may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the invention and the jurisdiction you wish to register in. Combining trademark and patent registration services, we offer a holistic approach to safeguarding your intellectual property. Our team can guide you through the patent registration application, ensuring that all the necessary documentation is prepared accurately and submitted on time. If you are seeking Indian patent registration, we can assist you in navigating the Indian patent register and complying with the specific requirements. The benefits of patent registration are manifold, including the legal protection it provides, the ability to monetize your inventions and the deterrent it poses to potential infringers. Understanding the documents required for patent registration, we can help you gather the necessary information and streamline the process. Don't delay in securing the protection your inventions deserve. Contact us today to discuss your patent registration needs and leverage the expertise of our professionals in maximizing the benefits of patent registration.

    Benefits of patent filing

    • You have reserved all rights for yourself.
    • It increase the sales of your company.
    • It allows the patentee to charge for the invention.
    • Patents are just like of your property.
    • You can be licensed or sold it.
    • Easy to raise capital for your business.

    Patent Registration Procedure

    Step 1 : Fill Application form of patent Registration

    Step 2 : Search for Patent

    Step 3 : Drafting of your Patent Application

    Step 4 : Submission of Patent

    Step 5 : E-mail you the Acknowledgment

    Step 6 : Your work is done


    Types of Patent Applications in India

    1. Ordinary Application
    2. Divisional Application
    3. PCT International Application
    4. PCT National Phase Application
    5. Application for Patent of Addition
    6. Convention Application