Government E-Marketplace

What is GEM ( Government e-Marketplace) Registeration?

GEM (Government E-Marketplace) is an e-commerce portal operated by the Government of India. It was introduced on August 9, 2016 by the Secretary of Trade and Industry under the Assignment of the Business Rules 1961. It is an online platform for sellers and government buyers to facilitate the procurement of goods and services needed by various government departments and organizations, as well as public sector enterprises. The government has introduced this portal to get business. There are two types of GEM registration.

  1. For Buyers
  2. For sellers

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    Government e-Marketplace registration

    GEM registration, also known as Government e-Marketplace registration, is a crucial step for businesses looking to engage in government procurement. The GEM platform provides a digital marketplace where government buyers and sellers can connect and transact. Registering on GEM can be conveniently done online, offering businesses a seamless and efficient process. If you're looking for GEM registration services, we are here to assist you. Our team specializes in guiding businesses through the GEM registration process, ensuring compliance with all requirements. GEM registration is open for both buyers and sellers, allowing businesses to explore government procurement opportunities. To complete the GEM registration, certain documents are required, and our team can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to compile and submit these documents. Whether you're a buyer or seller, GEM registration offers numerous benefits, including increased visibility, access to a wide range of government tenders, and streamlined procurement processes. If you're ready to embark on your GEM registration journey, contact us today. We are dedicated to helping businesses like yours navigate the GEM platform and maximize the opportunities it presents.

    Documents Required for GEM Registration

    1. PAN card (business)
    2. Address proof ( business)
    3. Email ID and Mobile number
    4. List of products
    5. Owner's Aadhar and PAN
    6. Bank Account Details
    7. ITR for last 3 months
    8. Photographs
    9. GST certificate
    10. other documents (if required)

    Various features of GEM Registration

    • Transparency
    • Efficiency
    • Security
    • Saving to the govt.

    Benefits of Registering Government E-Marketplace

    Benefits for buyers:

    • Products categories with offer
    • various facilities available
    • Compare products
    • Easy to buy
    • Transparency
    • Rating system
    • Easy return policy
    • Easy to make payment
    • Use friendly Dashboard

    Benefits for sellers:

    • Completely online
    • Transparent
    • Easy to monitor supply
    • Dynamic pricing
    • Payment Tracking
    • Easy to generate invoices

    procedure for GEM Registration

    1. Fill application form
    2. Product details
    3. Documentation
    4. Submission of application
    5. Approval
    6. Your work is done