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GST Return Filing in greater noida

Any GST Return Filing in greater noida business registered with GST Online is required to file an annual GST return and other monthly or quarterly returns as appropriate. As a business owner, your primary responsibility is to run your business and make a profit, but on the same basis you must ensure compliance with company regulations, as well as GST refunds and other required reporting. Therefore, with a platform of professionals offering online CA services across India, Taxesquire can help streamline and streamline this process. Taxesquire will help you from starting to end of this process. The tax return is a document containing income information that the taxpayer must submit to the tax authorities.

Filing of a GST return is done to maintain the financial accounts on an annual basis. The GST declaration is a document that details your income. This document must be submitted to the tax office.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. It is mandatory that an individual with a valid GSTIN submits GST returns.
  2. Even a person whose annual turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakh must obtain a GST registration and submit a GST return.
  3. For special states the annual turnover limit is Rs 10 lakh.

GST Return Services

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Documents Required

  1. GSTIN Login Details
  2. Sale/purchase bills
  3. Other information also required

Types of GST Return


There is a GSTR-1 in the online GST return. Details of all external supplies of taxable goods and services to be declared by registered taxable suppliers. The deadline for submitting this GSTR 1 form is the 10th of the following month.


Details of inward supplies of goods and services affected


This form is automatically completed on the basis of external supplies and internal supplies with payment of the tax specified in GSTR-1 and 2.


This form includes the details of outward supplies, tax payable and payment of tax.


This form provides details of external shipments, imports, VAT paid, tax paid, and remaining inventory.


Provides return information for the input service distributor.


This form contains tax deduction information.


It Contains details of each delivery made by the e-commerce operator and the amount of taxes collected.


Annual return GST filed by an enrolled taxable person.


Final settlement of a taxpayer whose registration is canceled or deleted within 3 months of the date of cancellation or transfer, whichever is later.


Information of inside supplies to be provided by a person.


This form does not require invoice level data. The GSTR 3B report requires only integer values ​​for all fields, such as B. the summary, for the month in which the report is generated.


This is feedback on all internal deliveries/services, e.g. purchases, made by registered suppliers.


This one is furnished by service providers of Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR). It is filed to declare the services given to unregistered entities or individuals, from a place outside India to a person in India.


It is known as a TDS certificate, which is issued immediately after the taxpayer submits the GSTR on Form GSTR-7.


This is represented by the companies that chose to equip at any time during the year. The data provided in the document relates to internal and external supplies, taxes paid, demand generated, refunds, tax credits used or canceled.

Due dates for filing the GST Returns

GSTR 1: The 11th of Subsequent of that month.

GSTR-2: The due date for registering this form is the 15th of next month.

GSTR-3: The form will be created by 20th of the next month.

GSTR 3B: The 20th of that subsequent month

CMP 08: 18th of the month succeeding the quarter of the specific fiscal year.

GSTR 4: 18th of the month succeeding the quarter.

GSTR 5: 20th of the subsequent month

GSTR 6: 13th of the subsequent month

GSTR 7: 10th of the subsequent month

GSTR 8: 10th of the subsequent month

GSTR 9: 31st December of the Fiscal year.

GSTR 10: Within 3 months of the date of cancellation or the date of cancellation order whichever is earlier.

GSTR 11: 28th of the month that is following the month for which the statement was filed.

Procedure for GST Return filing

  • Fill a simple application form
  • Make easy payment
  • Upload your documents
  • Receive your GST Filing Registration on your registered email address