ROC Compliance of Private Limited company

Once you have registered your limited liability company, sole proprietorship, LLP registration, or any other type of company registration with the Department of Business, you must maintain your corporate status by submitting business information each year. This type of maintenance record by the General Affairs Department is known as his ROC filing of a limited liability company or compliance of a limited liability company. In short, an annual company declaration to the Ministry of Enterprises is mandatory for all registered companies. Apply ROC compliances for LLP also with us.

Limited Liability Company ROC Compliance Checklist

  • Here is the essential ROC Limited Liability Company Compliance Checklist:

    • Board Meeting
    • Auditor Appointment
    • INC-20A (Certificate of Incorporation)
    • Preparation of balance sheet and other financial statements
    • Income tax return filing
    • Annual General Meeting
    • E Form MGT-7 or MGT-7A filing
    • filing of E Form AOC -4

Required Documents

    • For filing of ROC Compliances following documents are required-

      • Digital Signature of Directors
      • A certificate of insurance (COI)
      • MOA and AOA of Company
      • Bank statement of accounts  of the Comapany for the entire fiscal year
      • Consent of Directors and members
      • Other necessary Documents are required

Annual ROC Compliance Package

  1. Appointment of First Auditor – Within 30 days of incorporation
  2. Holding of board meeting
  3. Submission of INC-20A within 180 days of incorporation
  4. Holding of board meeting
  5. Preparation of BM invitation letter
  6. Attendance Preparation Board Meeting Sheets
  7. Balance Sheet Preparation
  8. AOC Form Preparation and Filing -04
  9. MGT Form Preparation and Filing -07
  10. All Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Mandatory Compliance
  11. All Mandatory statutory auditor compliance
  12. Compliance by all mandatory company secretaries
  13. Preparation of board meeting minutes
  14. Preparation of shareholder meeting minutes
  15. Income tax returns
  16. Share certificates (for all shareholders)
  17. MPB- 01 (disclosure of interests by directors)
  18. DIR – 08 (denial of disqualification by disclosure directors)

About ROC Compliances for Private Limited Company

As a private limited company, complying with ROC (Registrar of Companies) filing requirements is crucial for maintaining legal and regulatory compliance. ROC filing for private limited companies involves submitting various documents and forms to the Registrar of Companies within the specified timelines. It is essential to ensure timely ROC compliance for private companies to avoid penalties and legal complications. Our team specializes in ROC filing for private limited companies and provides comprehensive assistance to ensure adherence to the necessary compliances. We handle all aspects of ROC filing, including preparing and submitting annual returns and other required documents. Annual filing of private limited company information is a critical aspect of ROC compliance, ensuring transparency and accountability. Understanding the specific ROC filing requirements for private limited companies is crucial for a smooth and efficient process. By availing yourself of our services, you can rest assured that your ROC filings are accurate, complete, and in compliance with the applicable regulations. Contact us today to fulfill your ROC filing requirements for private limited companies and ensure seamless compliance with the Registrar of Companies.

How Taxesquire helps you ?

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